Wednesday, November 9, 2011

I've got good news, and bad news

The good news is...I'm back!  I had a RIDICULOUS time on the cruise last week.  I never want to overburden this blog with personal details about my life that will mean very little to the rest of the world, but I've just got to tell you:  I. NEEDED. THAT.  I've been on about seven cruises at this point, so it's not new to me, but I've been through so much over the last year or so that apparently I just had a lot of thinking and mental reframing to do that I didn't even know I needed to do, and I DID it.  I had a stoopid amount of fun, and learned a bit about myself in the process.  It was a personal retreat, if you will.

Sigh.  Enough.

The bad news is...I lost my camera somewhere along the way.  I've emailed Carnival in the hopes that it was in my room or something, but until then, I've got nothing with which to document my adventures in lacquer.  (Also, I lost all my cruise pics.  ACK!)  Between reevaluating my life right now and that unfortunate happenstance, this means that you'll be seeing less of me.  I.  Am.  Sorry.  My goal is to post perhaps once a week now, since I have a few unposted pics stashed up.  Hopefully I'll hear from Carnival with some good news; otherwise I'll have to wait for some holiday deals to roll around so I can get a good deal on the camera I've been eyeballing anyway.

To throw in another bit of good news, I'm going to look at this time as a great window with which to try to shape my nails up a bit (no pun intended).  I broke down and bought a $20 bottle of Qtica Natural Nail Growth Stimulator, so we'll see how it does!  I'll bring you a swatch shot later in the week, but I just wanted to check in quickly post-cruise. 

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Sparkles a Go Go - Pink Wednesday

Greetings from the Caribbean!  Well, actually, greetings from my desk chair, on account of it's actually the Tuesday before I leave for my cruise.  Yes, this is one of those Pink Wednesdays where I'm not actually wearing pink on Wednesday.  Sorry!  I'll be kind of busy being on a cruise ship.  Yeah.  As you're reading this, I probably have a fruity drink in my hand.  I'm probably in a deck chair.  I can't be bothered with wearing pink polish.  Don't hate.

A couple of weeks ago, though, I donned a pink mani I REALLY loved. 

(Sidebar:  Please don't judge me for the state of my nails and cuticles.  This blog is not here for me to overshare details of my personal life, but I'll just tell you that sometimes I may have a hard time prioritizing the care of my hands.  That's happened a lot lately, but things are looking up.  Hopefully my fingers will be in better shape soon!)

Love this!  This is China Glaze Go Go Pink with Mattese Nail Art Polish in Black Glitter. 

Go Go Pink is available as part of a package at Sally Beauty with Seche Vite Top Coat to support breast cancer awareness.  If your Sally still has this combo package, PICK IT UP.  Not only is it for a good cause, it's a bargain!  The total price for the combo is only $1 more than the usual price of a bottle of Seche Vite, so your Go Go Pink is only $1! 

The Mattese polish was part of my recent NYC came from Ricky's NYC, a beauty store that can only be found in New York, New Jersey and Miami.  I'm really loving this stuff.  I didn't know at the time that it had a nail art brush, but I'm really quite happy that it does.  Great stuff, huh?  Lookit the shiny!!!

I'm pretty pleased with this, my first attempt at doing anything besides cleanup with a nail art brush.  It's quite abstract, no?  Are they palm fronds?  Claws?  I don't know!

Hope you're all having a great week!