Sunday, April 29, 2012

Get outta here, ya ruffian, ya!

Good evening, all! I continue to be terrible at posting regularly. What has gotten into me?  Darned if I know.

Today I again reach back into unpublished manis to bring you a vampy Ruffian I did a few months back ago.  Presenting the ever-popular Ulta For Bitten topped with Sally Hansen Insta-Dry Wined Up.

 I liked this look a LOT.  Most people who saw it only viewed it as red-on-black, but I knew about the lovely red sparkle in For Bitten. 

I tell ya, the Sally Hansen flat, tapered brush is PERFECT for Ruffians.  I did this free-hand, and that's quite an accomplishment for someone as shaky and graceless as myself. 

Recently, I was able to acquire quite a few Nerd Lacquers, and I hope to present those to you soon in a two- or three-part series.  Glitters such as Nerd Lacquers drive me NUTS to remove, so we'll see how long it takes me to get through them all.  Idiotic me has already worn some of them without photographing them, but today I'm rocking I Think You Call Me Sexy, and I've snapped a pic.  These are some seriously gorgeous polishes, and I can't wait to show them off. 

Happy Sunday to you all!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Barilla's Holland Opus

Hey, all!  Sorry it's been so long since I posted.  Things have been ducky, and Disneyworld was AWESOME, but my creativity has been just totally zapped.

I haven't taken any new mani pics in a few weeks, but I thought today I'd dig back and see what I hadn't shown off yet.  And lookie here!  My OPI Holland collection swatches!  I really liked this collection...way more than I thought I would.  I saw other girls' swatches and thought, "Meh.  Nothing earth-shattering."  But when I saw them in stores, I realized that I wanted so many of them!  They're all so very wearable, and the ones I chose have that little "ooh-aah" that you only realize is there when you look closely.

Gouda Gouda Two-Shoes

Pedal Faster, Suzi

I Don't Give a Rotterdam

Of these, I think Gouda Gouda Two-Shoes is probably my favorite.  This surprises even me; it's a work-appropriate taupey-y rose.  Sounds boring, right?  WRONG.  I can see this color looking great on pretty much any skin tone, and again, it's got that little special shimmery something that I just LOVE in otherwise boring colors.  I was torn between buying I Don't Give a Rotterdam and I Have a Herring Problem (which is similar, but with more green), and I'm glad I chose Rotterdamn.  I do so adore a cornflower blue.  Pedal Faster is a lovely pink, but it was a bitch to photograph!  It also drives me moderately nuts that it really ought to be called "Petal Faster, Suzi" if they're trying to play off of Holland's famous tulips, but whatever.  I'm gonna have to put it in third place just for that. 

I hope everyone is having a great time Spring-ing into April!