Friday, May 24, 2013

Best of Both Worlds

Greetings dudettes and dudes!  It has been a coon's age (or something like it) since I've posted.  I don't have a good excuse, so I won't bore you with a bad one.  (Name that movie.)  But today...I've been inspired.

You see, I am a woman of many passions, not least among them are cars and nail polish.  Combine the two?  Well.  Blammo.  Drool.  Et cetera.

Presenting Sally Hansen Calypso Blue.  I've had this for awhile, but having put it on tonight, it struck me how the subtle shimmer and sheen was much like a pearl coat in some car's paint jobs.  It's puuuuuurty.  In fact, since I've last spoken to you, I've gotten a car with one such paint job.

Meet Lu.  She's a lovely pearl white.  Sigh.  Who needs a man when I've got Lu.  Okay, a man would still be nice, but whatever.

This is a shot I took of a boat's paint job at Bass Pro Shop ages ago.  Wouldn't this make an amazing manicure?  I figure I've got a couple of polishes in my collection that mimic a car's paint job.  This right here is next on my list!