Wednesday, June 29, 2011

I love jellies, yes I do, I love jellies, how bout you?

And here we are at another Pink Wednesday!

Today I've got another of Revlon's gorgeous scented summer sparkly jellies, Grapefruit Fizz.  I haven't had a lot of experience with jellies before this, and I'll tell ya, I'm sorry it took me so long.  These things are GREAT!  I'm not sure if you've noticed, but I am both impatient and shaky of hand.  Thus the wonder of jellies!  They're so sheer that you'd have to screw up in exactly the same place three or four times before anyone would be able to see your foul-up!  I know a lot of people will complain about VNL on these, but it doesn't bother me at all.  Frankly, I think that just helps it look a bit more natural, if that makes any sense at all.

Okay, enough chatting about it.

What's up with the yellow tipwear? 

Tipped with Zoya Sweet
Now, get thee to a drugstore and pickup this collection!  Gotta catch 'em all!

Monday, June 27, 2011

And he shall be my Squishy.

I odd Sunday.  It rained, so of course the power went out.  For four hours.  *Sigh*  I took the first two hours as permission to take a nap, but when I awoke, I found myself bored and sick of the quiet.  So I set to work taking a shower by candlelight and figuring out how to free my car from its automatic-garage-door prison.  Once that was done, I set off in search of the two things most vital to my existence:  food and nail polish.

I picked up a lovely little surprise at Rite-Aid.  It isn't the Revlon Just Tinted that I was looking for, but it's close. 

This is Watermelon Fizz, one of Revlon's obnoxiously scented polishes.  Its smell is not nearly as overpowering as Not So Blueberry, which I could barely stand to wear, and the color makes it SO worth it.  This squishy, glittery red jelly made my camera go "HUH?", and that ought to tell you something about the kapow factor going on here.  Have I mentioned that I really like it? 

Stay tuned, kids.  This Pink Wednesday I'll bring you another into this charming round of Revlon scented polishes. 

OH!  I almost forgot.  Remember that unlike-me-mani I promised?  Well, you're just going to have to wait.  I decided that it had potential, but wasn't ready for primetime TV yet.  Someday!

Saturday, June 25, 2011


I just love the name of this brand of polishes!  Colorama...COLORAMA!  Wish we had them here.

I'm not sure where these adorable little Maybelline polishes are sold, but I was fortunate enough to pick one up in an import grab bag recently, and once I got around to trying it out, I went a little crazy!

Here's Maybelline Colorama Chili Chocolate with some black stones on the accent finger.  I picked those up in a rhinestone wheel set from the Born Pretty store.  I really did like this.  If I'm honest, I had to re-do the accent finger two or three times because it just wasn't working, and I was bound and determined to be proud of this.  It was the first time I'd tried to apply the stones in a remotely precise manner.  I found that tweezers worked, but it was still a frustrating process.  I took the stones off on the second day because I CANNOT resist the urge to pick them off.

Then I came up with this:

I really really liked this color combo, thus you have it in full sunlight and in shade.  (Please forgive my pointer broke off into the quick recently, and is still a bit wonky.  Takes damage easily.)  The green here is Zoya Shawn, one of my very favorite greens out of the multitude that I own.

I really had fun with my one and only Colorama polish, but it does suffer a bit for its color.  Cleaning it up made me feel like I'd been making mudpies or playing in poo.  (Why I'd ever play in poo is beyond me.)  I might also point out that this mani wore quite well.  I've been VERY industrious over the last few days, and only the right hand developed any chipping or wear.  My left hand looked just like day one by the time I removed it.

I have now moved on to a very fun, very not me mani that I look forward to showing you.  That'll have to wait, though.  Hope you're all having a LOVELY weekend!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011


How's everybody doing this fine Pink Wednesday?  Me, I've been a bit under the weather, so I regret that my photos today do not do justice to China Glaze Rated Holographic. 

Gorgeous, gorgeous color this, but the setting sun didn't show the holo at all.  Trust me, it's there.  Not in as blinding a way as so many Nfu Oh holos, but definitely more obvious than anything from the China Glaze Tronica collection.  In addition to that, this thing applied like an absolute dream.  I did three coats of it just because I was having so much fun with it, as weird as that sounds.  Sigh.  Just incredible.

The peachy pink of this color went perfectly with the sunset on the evening I took those pictures.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Ah, suki suki!

I think it's appropriate that I chose to try a polish today called "Suki," since that makes me think of one of my favorite movies about friendship, "The Sweetest Thing."

My pal Kristy from My Life in Colors came over today to play with all the goodies I recently got from Born Pretty Store and to pillage my collection of polishes.  It was a really fun girl's morning, and I am so glad she came over and spent it with me!  We had a lot of fun brainstorming manicure ideas, swapping recipe ideas and just generally catching up.  Kristy has got a steady hand and a creative mind, and came up with the cutest manicure.  It was so fun to see what ideas another person could generate using the tools that were already at my disposal.  You'll have to head over to her blog to get some good closeups of her mani, but here's what I came up with for mine:

This is one coat of the Suki polish that I recently picked up in an import lacquer grab bag, then I applied striping tape in random criss-cross patterns and put Finger Paints Paper Mache over that.  Peel away the striping tape, and voila!  The stripes are a trifle messy on very close inspection, but at arm's length, the whole thing looks uh-mazing.  It helped that the Suki color was GORGEOUS.  Take a moment to appreciate it all by its lonesome:

Isn't the bottle just the cutest thing?  Oh, and by the way, it was SO stinkin' hot and humid today!  Every time we stepped outside to take pictures, our lenses would fog up!  That's okay, though, cause we were two happy chicas, with our air-conditioning and our toys! 

Ta-da!  Oh, and toenails were also done.  Check out the Zoya Reva that Kristy is rockin! 

And on that note, a-Reva-derci!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Ah, Color Club. We meet at last.

I'm not sure why, as it seems be quite prevalent throughout other parts of these United States, but Color Club polish is not to be found in my neck of the woods.  Luckily, there's SWAPPING! was kind enough to grant me the opportunity to dabble cheaply in the world of Butter London, but in spite of the English connection (which ought to be enough to win me over these days), I was not impressed.  I know it was just the colors.  So I posted those bad boys on Makeup Alley, and got THESE in return!

These are Otherworldly (top) and Wink Wink Twinkle (bottom) from the Starry Temptress collection, and I LOOOVE them.  I must confess that for Pink Wednesday, I chose the less color-accurate photo of Wink Wink Twinkle.  It reality, it leans very purple.  I called it fuschia, my Mom called orchid.  You may also choose to call it a beeyotch to remove, cause these are.  Though not total topcoat-eaters, that's some gritty glitter when it comes time to say goodbye.  That won't stop me from wearing either of these again (and again), or from trying to get more of this collection.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Haul, and a full-on Monet

Happy Sunday, all!  I have been a busy little nail junkie lately.  I mentioned my Makeup Alley swapping I'd been doing, but I also got my very first order from Born Pretty Store.  It was like Christmas!

I got a brush set, a rhinestone set, a sticker set, a dotting tool set and a striping tape set.  All this set me back maybe $35, shipping and all.  That's a pretty sweet deal, if you ask me.  The brush set alone is going to prove invaluable.  My cleanup has gotten SOOOO much better now that I've traded the slanted eyeliner brush I was using for a smaller brush.

Today I tried out rhinestones for the first time.  It is, as mentioned above, a full-on Monet.  As Cher from Clueless would tell you, "From far away it's okay, but up close it's a big ol mess!"  Ergo, do me a favor and don't click to enlarge!

The color above is Hard Candy "Sky."  It's one of those colors you just feel obligated as a nail junkie to own.  It IS a pretty color, but I'm going to have to work on application.  It would require about four thin coats for good coverage, but I, of course, am impatient.  I tried instead to do two or three thicker coats, and the formula is just to runny for that.  After I applied Seche Vite and started cleaning up, I had to deal with LOTS of dragging at the cuticles.  This mani really IS just a big ol mess!  Cute, though.  Y'all have a good week!

Friday, June 10, 2011

It perplexes me. I'm terribly perplexed.

I know I'm a part of the nail-junkie community now that I've had experience swapping on MakeupAlley.  I've heard so many tales of finding Revlon Perplex at Big Lots, but there is no such luck here in small-town southern America, so I put out the call on MUA.  I lucked out with a lass in search of Zoya Jules.  You may recall that Jules was a big ole MISS on me (in my opinion anyway), so I happily traded with her.  Forthwith, the results:

These pictures came out hella dark, but I'm okay with that.  See, that means it was overcast on one of these days where it's been 90+ degrees.  For over a week.  Ouch. 

Perplex really is a lovely color.  In light such as this, it seems to be a normal purple.  Sometimes even a purple-leaning gray, like Zoya Caitlin.  But subjected to certain light, it's got a lovely subtle shimmer. 

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Strange Tips

1.  Never poke a pregnant hamster.
2.  Crossing into established events is strictly forbidden.  Except for cheap tricks.
3.  Wear white after Labor Day.  I dare you.
4.  Never smile at a crocodile.
5.  Do as I say, not as I do.
6.  Don't stick anything smaller than your elbow into your ear canal.
7.  Do put darker color French tips over light pastel colors, as I've done here with Avon Olive Green and OPI On Stranger Tides.
8.  Take more time with your polish application, so your manicures look better than mine.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Steady As She Rose...with a twist

EVERYBODY is swatching the OPI Pirates collection, and I won't lie...I gave in and purchased Steady As She Rose and Stranger Tides.  However, as you've seen them all before, I'm determined to swatch them in a slightly different way.

So, for this Pink Wednesday, I bring you Steady as She Rose with two coats of Ulta After Party.

I rather like this combo.  Upon close inspection, I see that my glittercoat application was a bit slapdash, but that was an eventful night.  Chicas were doing it for stepmom and I had to get Dad's old '49 Ford running since we had a prospective buyer coming round to look at it the next day.  She got it going, but it died when we pulled back into the drive to get money for gas.  The two of us shoooooooved that bad boy back into the garage, and I'm here to tell weighed a LOT back then.

Note the look of frustration on the driver's face.  Happy Pink Wednesday!

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Free Weekend!

Yaaaay!  It's the first weekend I've had in a while where there wasn't much of anything I just HAD to do, and it's been very nice indeed.

I've got a lot of untrieds to work through, so I spent some time just playing around with the colors I had in waiting.  On my hands, I tried out Sally Hansen HD "DVD."

It's, uh...meh.  In the bottle, it looks like an intriguing blue-purple foil duochrome, and indeed it is that on the nail.  BUT, it took four coats to achieve the bottle color, and that's just too many in my book.  Also, as you can see by my pinkie, it doesn't last long.  I just applied this yesterday.

Now, I am loathe to show off my tootsies; not because I think they're hideous, but because I know some people have...issues with looking at feet.  But I have to show you the first color I've tried out from the import grab bag I recently got from Chris at Lacquer Ware for Tips and Toes.  I hate that she's leaving the blogging community, but I'll tell ya, I got some GREAT colors from her blog sale.  Below is an unknown color from a manufacturer called Etude House.  The color label has some writing on it that appears to be Korean or Vietnamese.  I'm not totally sure what the color is or where it came from, but it's lovely!

Hope everyone else has had a lovely weekend.  If you'relucky, it isn't so stinkin' hot where you are!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Black Wednesday

I'm working my way through the new series of Doctor Who.  I lost David Tennant as the Doctor tonight.  This show SUCKS.

Here's some frickin' frackin' pink nail polish.  Whatever.  I don't wanna talk about it. 

Sally Hansen Fruiti Patutti
Fruiti Patutti with Sally Hansen Snow Blast
May your polish never chip and your Doctor never regenerate.