Sunday, January 16, 2011

I know a worse one...

I'm thirty years old, and for the better part of my life, I've given in to a habit that as at times amused me, soothed me and embarassed me.  I pick at my fingers with a vengeance.  Most of the time, it doesn't hurt, but sometimes it bleeds.  Even when it doesn't do that, I sometimes find myself in the awkward position of having a wad of skin in my hands that I don't know what to do with.  Throw it in the floor?  What if someone sees me?

Then there's the aesthetic damage.  I've often been told that I have pretty hands, and I'll agree.  They're long and thin with well-shaped nailbeds that make it look like I have long nails even when I don't.  So why do I waste one of the all-too-few physical attributes that I'm actually proud of?

I've.  Got.  To stop.   I hope this blog will help me do that by keeping me accountable to anyone who lays eyes on it.  I'm on a nail polish kick, so I can use this to post my latest manicure.  I'll also be BRUTALLY honest by showing the damage I can do to my skin when I give in to my habit/compulsion.  I hope you'll help me out by commenting:  Yell at me when I falter, compliment me when I manage to keep my fingers healthy and healed.

Here goes, hopefully, SOMETHING!




  2. thats not as bad as me im the worse I used to bite the skin on my thumb nail right where the nail stops since I paint my nails and they grow I have stopped but before I started painting them a year ago my thumb nail used to look soo chewed up lol


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