Thursday, February 23, 2012

Texture Play Fail

If ever there's been a collection I WISH I'd bought all of when I had the chance, it's China Glaze Vintage Vixen from Fall 2010.  I've scrounged up one or two, though, and the latest is Riveter Rouge.

Leave it to me to take a lovely color and thoroughly eff it up.  Haaaaaad to mattify it.  Didn't like that, no.  Haaaaad to go all artsy on it, try a glossy stripe up the middle.  Well, that was godawful, so I just haaaaad to do a crappy freehand French glossy tip.  Oy.  When will I learn?


  1. I know this is old, but I was flipping through your posts.

    The matte nail polish is one of my favorites. I never thought it could look bad on anything, but I agree...matte does not work with shimmery/glittery nail polish.

    I personally use a deep wine color, and with the matte on, turns it into a delicious chilled wine effect.

    I received black nail polish for my birthday recently (I never wear black, though some of my colors may be mistaken for black), and with the matte on that, it turns it a lovely black velvet.

    *le sigh* Ah, matte.

  2. That said, I DO love it on a chunky glitter. That can be lots of fun. But it ruins a subtle shimmer. Just no good!


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