Saturday, June 23, 2012

Green, memories and animals

Happy Saturday, all!

If there's one thing about blogging that I love, it's taking pics on a gorgeous Saturday.  Today I've ventured outdoors to bring you all Orly Lucky Duck.

 I've topped it here with China Glaze Luxe and Lush, a topcoat I have truly adore.  A green and a shredded glitter topcoat?  Yep, love this.

Whilst photographing, I realized you guys had never seen my wrist tattoo.

This tattoo is less than a year old.  I'd considered a wrist tattoo for a long time, but was always too chicken on account of my fairly corporate work environment.  At last, my workplace issued a policy on tattoos, and it mentioned that they were okay, so long as the tattoo wasn't vulgar and reasonable effort was made to cover it.  I figured a wrist tattoo was easily covered by a cuff bracelet (which I love anyway), so I went for it.  The design is a twist on a vintage Corelle/Pyrex pattern called Crazy Daisy/Spring Blossom that I grew up eating off of at my grandmother's house.  I inherited her kitchenware when she passed, and I continue to collect it.  In short, it's a design that means a lot to me, and which I'd considered getting tattooed for years.  It's my second piece of ink.

THEN, the day was so pretty that my dog and my outdoors kitty were really enjoying themselves and were happy to see me.  I took this fun little pic to show how well they get along.

Foxy loves her little playmate and Zaz really looks up to her gigantic friend.

I hope that everyone is having a lovely weekend, as I certainly am!


  1. I enjoyed this. I like your voice - it's friendly and funny and easy to listen to. And your nails are pretty.
    I don't do my finger nails. It's too much work for me, but I do paint my toe nails because toe nails are hideous and need some pretty added to them.
    I'll more than likely be back!

  2. Thanks, Mary! Always nice to have a visit and feedback from a non-nail-junkie!


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