Wednesday, September 14, 2011

ZOMG, Stickers!!!

Remember when you were a kid and the Book Fair came to your school, and your mom gave you money to buy stuff, and you really should have bought books (cause books are good and educational), but you bought...well, sometimes you bought small posters featuring horses and fuzzy kittens, but usually you bought STICKERS!  And then, when you were reaalllllly really good in class and your teacher offered you a prize and your entire day was made because that prize was STICKERS?!? 

Yeah, I wish I was a kid again. 

Nevertheless, as a full grown adult human being, I still kinda love stickers.  As a manicure enthusiast, I especially love stickers because they help make up for the fact that I have zero interest in stamping, zero freehand artistic ability and I do occassionally get bored with simple polish manis. 

Zoya Kaufda
Zoya Midori
I picked these decals up at Ulta...they're Essence, and they only cost about $1 a sheet.  Not a bad investment for an experiment!

What do you miss most about childhood?


  1. I had THE coolest sticker collection as a kid-remember they used to have sticker stores? And you bought stickers by the inch? I lost that sucker years ago-and still wish I had it to this day-i miss those sticker stores!

  2. I'm glad you think so, Becka! I was a little on the fence at first, but it's great to have options.

    Fingers, we must not have had entire sticker stores here...I'd have remembered that! It's just as well...I only got $2 a week allowance!


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