Saturday, October 15, 2011

Blingy Pink!

How's everyone's weekend so far?  Mine's been a bit of a mixed bag, if I'm honest, but at least I've been rocking some nice nails!

My best friend recently gave me the most awesomest Bag of Awesome ever as a thank you gift for being there through the process of her wedding and delayed reception.  Well, wouldn't you know, she channeled my brain PERFECTLY and picked out a China Glaze pink that had been on my lemming list for a while...Strawberry Fields.

We went out for a deeeelicious Japanese dinner last night, so the night before, I did my best to make Strawberry Fields look as good as I could.  I blinged it out with some gold stars, to bring out the gold shimmer in this gorgeous polish.  In full sun, the shimmer hides a bit.  It's easier to see in shady outdoor or flourescent lighting.  How backwards is that?  Nevertheless, Strawberry Fields did NOT disappoint.  I looooove it.

I'm not sure if this is why she chose it, but when we were seniors in high school, said best friend and I went to NYC for our senior trip.  One day we had a full day's bus tour of the city, and it just so happened that our guide was a Beatles junkie.  What a coincidence; so were we!  Our guide chose to show us the part of Central Park closest to the Dakota, where John Lennon was shot.  This section of the park is called Strawberry Fields.  It has a lovely mosaic in the walkway, and people leave candles and flowers on it.  We were so pleased to get to experience that.

Do any of you had good experiences with friends picking out the perfect polish for you?  Do tell!

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