Sunday, October 23, 2011

Butter London - Mixed Bag

The good news:  While in Austin recently, I picked up four new Butter London polishes.  I showed you Pink Ribbon in a recent glitter sandwich.  Today I bring you All Hail the Queen (top) and Victoriana (bottom), two lovely shimmer-packed polishes.

The bad news:  This stuff chips and wears WAY too fast for what it costs.  No other way to say that.  I've bought polishes that cost half as much and wore twice long.  It's a good thing Butter London puts out some beautiful, unique colors, because otherwise I'd think twice before purchasing.

Truth time:  What's the priciest polish you've ever bought, only to be disappointed by the quality? 


  1. I dislike fast chipping polish especially expensive ones. I am super harsh on my nails so everything chips after 2 days with me. After saying that Victoriana is gorgeous!

  2. I hate Butter London-like you said-for the price, it should be a nicer formula!


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