Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Polish for a cause

Happy Wednesday!  It has been decreed that from henceforth, the first Wednesday of every month shall forevermore be...PINK WEDNESDAY!  Huzzah! 

Today I've got one for you that I recently picked up at our (for lack of a better way to put it) local hippy grocery store.  It's like Whole Foods only not corporate.  Also, easier to get in and out of.  This here is Peace Keeper Paint Me Stunning. 

 Peace Keeper states on their bottle that, "All distributable profits, after taxes, support women's issues."  Their website also goes on to list a lot of specific information about the ingredients that they do and don't use; as you would imagine with such a line of cosmetics, they're very aware of the impact their ingredients have on the environment and on our bodies.

In my hand above, I'm holding Peace Keeper Paint Me Luminous.  To be honest, you'll probably never see me swatch it here.  I wasn't terribly impressed with either of these polishes.  The formula was fine and it dried VERY quickly, but they were incredibly sheer and the colors weren't terribly unique.

I'm really not much of a tree-hugger, and while I give mad props to Peace Keeper's ethics and mission, I'm the sort that would rather just give my money straight to a cause than filter it through a product I don't need and don't care for.


  1. What is on your nails looks nothing like what is in that bottle. It's very pretty and woohoo for the treehugging stuff :D

  2. Whoops, sorry to confuse. What's on my nails isn't what's in the bottle...I bought two of them, and didn't much like either.

    Thanks, though!


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