Friday, May 6, 2011

You like me, you really like me!

Okay, as any good movie buff will know, that ain't exactly what Sally Field said up at the podium all those years ago.  What she said was, "...I can't deny the fact that you like me, right now, you like me!"  Go forth.  Impress people with that trivial knowledge.

Well, my little baby is growing up.  I've received my very first blog award, thanks to Nail Addict .  Thanks, sweetie!

 This award requires that I reveal ten things about myself, so without further ado:

1.  I attended Space Camp at the age of 12.  Yes, once a nerd, always a nerd.
2.  As a young child, I was convinced of Santa's existence based on the fact that there's no way my single, divorced mother of two could possibly have afforded the VCR we got for Christmas when I was 7.  Nevermind that my grandparents also had money.
3.  I have appeared on national television, speaking and everything.
4.  My family kept a prairie dog and wolves when I was growing up.
4 1/2.  We also lived down the road from a zoo, and would listen to the wolves "talk" to the animals at night.
5.  If I won the lottery, I'd quit my job and have lots of piercings, tattoos and funky colored hair.
6.  If forced to choose a last meal, I'd take Krystal Chiks (no pickle, please), McDonald's fries, Yazoo Dos Perros beer and Ben & Jerry's Dublin Mudslide for dessert.
7.  I like food.  A lot.
8.  I wish I were a percussionist.
8 1/2.  I'm trying to learn to play the bodhran.  Google it.
9.  I used to have a second job as a valet parking attendant.
9 1/2.  I love being a girl in a man's world.
10.  I cannot resist the urge to put OPI Black Shatter over every polish I wear.

Zoya Rea, with half-moon Black Shatter, topped with Essie Matte About You.  This mani would have lasted FOREVER if I'd let it.

Zoya Moxie with Lippmann Today Was a Fairytale, topped with Black Shatter
This award also requires that I bestow it upon ten other bloggers.  I suspect all these fine ladies have been given the award before, so no need to share again if you don't want.  :-)

1.  !Kendal

It is such a great feeling to know that as few followers as I have, some of the bloggers I most admire are reading MY little ol' blog.  This has been a great deal of fun so far, and I really look forward to growing this new hobby of mine!

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