Wednesday, May 4, 2011

I got moxie!

Ya know, I miss old timey words like peachy, spunk and catawampus.  I think that's why I like today's Pink Wednesday color.  Heeeeere's Moxie!

This spiffy berry is a blue-based color from Zoya.  I've really been struggling lately with how to get Zoya to stay put.  The colors are gorgeous, but they just don't wanna stick around!  For this mani, I went through all the steps of the Zoya Color Lock System and got TERRIBLE bubbles!  If you maximize the picture, you can probably see the dots all over my middle finger (and the fingerprint on my ring finger, yowza).  I quickly applied a coat of Sally Hansen Insta Dri Clear to try to weigh down the bubbles, but they were so bad on my index finger that I had to do something to cover them up. recently had a half-price gift certificate, and I acquired my very first Lippman polishes.  I refuse to pay $18 for a bottle of polish - sorry, girls!  Here on my pointer you see Lippmann Today Was a Fairytale.  I am LOVING it, so expect to see it a lot in the future.

Happy Hump Day!

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