Saturday, April 30, 2011


This is Foxy.  She likes going for rides in the truck to the dumps, dog biscuits, barking at neighbourhood dogs, having her hindquarters scratched and pestering me while I'm taking nail photos.  She is not very bright, but she's incredibly sweet.  I should point out that she isn't technically my dog, but my stepmom/neighbour/landord's.  This means I get to enjoy all the perks of having a dog without actually having to claim ownership of her or find a place to keep her whenever I move.  Yay!

This is also Foxy.  She's a China Glaze color I bought on clearance at Ulta.  Admittedly, I only bought it because of the name, but now I see that it's one of the best colors I've put on in a while.  It's a gorgeous rusty garnet color with just the faintest touch of shimmer to it.  Application was fabulous (which is good because I didn't have my cleanup supplies with me when I did this mani), and wear is awesome.  I've gone through two full days with it and have only the tiniest chip on an index finger. 

By the by, Foxy is from the Fall 2010 Vintage Vixen collection, and I came thisclose to buying the entire collection that day at Ulta.  I may forever regret not doing so.  Do want.


  1. Me too!

    I'm now imagining giving Foxy a pedicure with Foxy. Those claws are sharp, though. Ouch!

  2. Love both Foxy the dog and Foxy the nail color :)

  3. Hi, I gave you an award! So check out my blog. :-)

  4. Thank you! I check out all your new posts. :-) I'll be sure and repost the award later this week.


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