Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Play with your pinks!

Umm.  Hmm.  That doesn't sound right. 

Yeah, I'm just gonna leave that there for a second.

Hokay!  Now that the the 14-year-old boy in me has said hello today, time for Pink Wednesday!  If I'm gonna keep this weekly tradition up, I'm gonna have to get creative, lest the pinks outnumber anything else in my collection.  I am a tomboy.  I cannot have that.  SO, it's time to experiment!  Watch what happens when you cover last week's Cover Girl Rose Coral with Zoya Gigi.

I am so sorry about my pinky.  It was recently in a horrible onion-chopping incident. 
I.  Kind of.  LOVE THIS!  I really do!  Put Gigi over a darker pink really made the usually-subtle silver shimmer POP!

Run along now...grab a nail wheel, all your pink polishes and see what happens!


  1. Very nice combo. I want to steal your zoya gigi so badly. ;)
    Suggestion! Next time just the tip?

  2. Good plan! I'll have to give it a shot once my embarassingly stubby pointer finger grows out. :-)

  3. I love pink!!love the colors it's beautiful!!!new blog follower can't wait for more posts!!

  4. KarenD - Thanks! I may not franken or get very experimental with nail art, but I LOVE layering!

    Pinkbeauty - Thanks for taking a seat in my weird little corner of the world!


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