Sunday, August 7, 2011

Barielle Haul

Can I just say that I feel a bit foolish for using the word "haul"?  I've used it before, and I feel a bit ridiculous each time.  Frankly, I feel like this - equally obsessive, only less cute:

But here it is.  It is what it is...a crap-ton of a product.

Elle's Spell, Make It a Latte, Glammed Out Garnet, Blackened Bleu

Buddha-ful, Myrza's Meadow, Falling Star, Grape Escape

Jackie over at Candy Coated Tips was kind enough to share with us a sale that Barielle had online - 20% off PLUS buy one get one half off.  Sucker that I am for brands I can't find in stores here, I went a little nuts.

Since receiving my shipment RIDICULOUSLY QUICKLY yesterday, I've tried out two polishes:  Myrza's Meadow and Buddha-ful.

I included two shots of Myrna's Meadow to show you what a topcoat-eater it is.  The first pic is with one coat of Seche Vite, and the second has two coats.  I have to say, I'm not crazy about this polish.  Lots of potential, very little follow-through.  See the glitter in the bottle?  Taste the rainbow?  It does NOT come through on the nails.  I hate to say it, but this went straight into my swap pile.  I feel like I can get the same result with any number of light grass/mint polishes and any number of glitter topcoats.

This is more like it.  What you're looking at here is about four coats of Buddha-ful.  It's a lovely nude polish with lots of iridescent flakies floating around inside it.  It will make a lovely topcoat for any polish, but as you can see, it does build up to a decent nude on its own, and with that secret touch of something that I adore so much in a neutral. 

I have swatched the other Barielles I ordered on a nail wheel, and I really think I'm going to love them.  Myrna's Meadow is a definitely miss, but we can't expect perfection all the time, can we?


  1. I would love swatches for Elle's Spell pleaseeeeeeeeeee with a cherry on top =)

  2. You will absolutely get swatches of all of these! But since you asked so sweetly, I'll be sure to do Elle's Spell next, after Pink Wednesday. :-)

  3. I have Make it a Latte, and Blackened bleu-am loving the latte one, have yet to try the bleu one! And at least you bought the meadow one on sale-

  4. Fingers, I am VERY excited about's got gorgeous shimmer!

    You're right about Meadow. I'm not too bummed...that's what MUA is for!

  5. Yeah Latte is really pretty-its on my blog from May "I swoon for Brown" if you care-and thanks alot for telling me about the sale-damn you to hell! I just bought a bunch of polish I don't need! But yes I did save money!! HAHAHAHA

  6. I see you entered my contest! Glad to be on your blogroll!

  7. Holy crap I love that Yankee Candle haul kid! Adorable!!!
    It shattered! I was pretty darn upset about that.
    Bummer about the green, but yay for new colors, can't wait to see 'em!!!


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