Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Silver Shatters Pink

Evening, folks!  Sorry for the late Pink Wednesday addition...this is just the first of several coming CRAZY weeks.  I swear, 46 out of 52 weeks of the year, I do nothing.  I have no life.  And then the other weeks?  BAM!  I'm struggling to be five people all at the same time...everything to everybody everywhere.

That being said, this is gonna be a quickie.  Last week I introduced you to my take on the members of the OPI Nice Stems collection, along with their archnemesis Silver Shatter.  This week's battle brings you...

A familiar face, Come to Poppy

Play the Peonies, topped with I Lily Love You before the shattercoat

I'm sorry for not showing you Play the Peonies with I Lily Love You.  It bored me something terrible.  It was one of those too-soft/too-girly combos that just didn't seem right for me.  I don't know how to explain where the line is between feminine/pretty and nauseatingly girly, but I know when I've crossed it.

I do, however, LOVE Silver Shatter.  Remember my love affair with Black Shatter?  It only ended because Mr. Black dried up on me.  I had to toss him aside for a newer model.  We'll see how things work out with Silver.

Now I must be going.  I've got a bathroom to clean and penis cakes to finish baking.  Stay classy!

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  1. Oh there's a picture bathroom cleaning and penis cakes! Not even gonna ask!


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