Tuesday, August 9, 2011

I'd like to thank the Academy...

...oh, and My Lucid Bubble, as well as Fingers Polish Mania.  These lovely ladies were kind enough to bestow upon me a couple more awards!  Wasn't that sweet? 

I love blog awards for a couple of reasons:  they're a great way to know that some people out there are paying attention to what you're spending your time on, and it shows that they appreciate the effort.  Also, I love that they give me the chance to pay shout-out to the bloggers who gave them to me, and to a handful of others.

What I DON'T love about them are the Q&A's involved in the "rules".  I doubt many of you really much care what my favorite color is, or what my preferred dessert is.  These are boring little tidbits that I'd rather let drop along the way as the mood strikes or they fit in with a posting topic.  You know, organically-like!  Plus, answering them takes time I'd rather devote to trying out a new color or composing an actual swatch post for you.  Rules, schmules!

Now, run along.  Go check out the blogs of the nice girls who were kind enough to give a shout-out to my little neck of the Web, and while you're at it, turn your eyes upon these nifty blogs:

I'm gonna leave these two here to make sure you're checking out all those sites.  This is Zaz and River.  They're not going anywhere til you click on those links.  They'll be waiting.  And they have sharp little claws.   

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  1. You are such a DORK! I didn't do the questions on my 2nd award- too stupid! You're kitties are so cute- I want them for myself!


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