Saturday, August 27, 2011

Barielle Yumminess

Happy Saturday, everyone!  Howsabout we ring in the weekend with some Barielle eye candy?

This delightful, bruise-like color is Blackened Bleu.  Seriously, the name makes me think of either a wound or a cheese-topped ribeye.  Bizarre word associations aside, I do like this.  It's got such a nice balance of color that it's tough for me to say whether it's blue in a black base, or black in a blue base.  Either way, nicely done.

And here we have Grape Escape topped with Revlon Streetwear Holographic (a recent swap acquisition).  I suspect Grape Escape is not a terribly original color, but it IS unique in my collection.  I just don't have that many purples!  Gotta fix this.

Sidebar on Streetwear:  MAN, I miss these polishes.  I tell ya, when I cracked open the bottle, my first thought was, "Mmm.  Smells like the 90's!"  I just remember these being the first mainstream, easy-to-find polishes that spoke to my rebellious, non-pink-wearing teen years.  SO tickled to have this.

I've still got a couple of Barielles that I haven't had the chance to try out...can't wait to bring you those!

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  1. This is so pretty! I wish I'd picked it up with the rest of my Barielles but oh well.


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