Wednesday, August 3, 2011

OR-you-CHID-ding me?

Take THAT, OPI!  I can come up with stupid names, too!

But that's neither here nor there, since I'm not bringing you an OPI, I'm bringing you a massive Revlon fail.

This is Revlon Orchid, and I HATE it.  We're talking fire-of-a-thousand-volcanoes hatred.  The application on this was positively horrid.  Go ahead; click to maximize.  Do you see the pock-marky finish?  The shrinkage?  How it's thinner on one side of my index finger?  Listen, I accept that I'm capable of a seriously sloppy manicure, but this crap was not my fault.  Looks like it's about three days old, doesn't it?  Nope.  I'm usually true to the concept of Pink Wednesday, and today was no exception; I really just put this on last night.

Oh, one thing I forgot:  RUN.  Run like the wind from this goshawful polish. 


  1. After i stopped laughing at your text, I wanted to say this is why I don't spend money on drugstore brands. They either end up like this or you need 5 coats for no VNL. How is that saving you money?

  2. Not to mention the fact there are good brands like China Glaze and Finger Paints that are sometimes CHEAPER than some drugstore brands!


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