Sunday, February 20, 2011

At last!

Just when I thought the Crackle Train was gonna leave the station before I had the chance to board, I'm on it!  After a failed attempt at finding OPI Shatter at Ulta, I was pleasantly surprised to find it at my hair salon when I went in for a trim this week.  Hooray!  With a mad look in my eyes, I demanded that the receptionist hold it for me while I had my hair cut, and at long last it was MINE!  All mine!  MUAHAHAHAHA!  Ahem.

Now, dear five readers, a piece of advice.  Don't let the vendor of your Shatter polish swindle you into buying a polish you really didn't want by telling you that it will only work over one of the other Katy Perry Collection polishes.  I knew better, and by my telling you, you will know better, too.  It isn't true!  Don't do it!  The "sucker" tattoo on my forehead was shining brightly that day, though, so I bought "Not Like the Movies" to go under my Shatter.

 All by its lonesome, this polish is kinda boring.  I had high hopes, as it is a purple/green duochrome with a faint scattered glitter in it.  Very, very faint.  Truth be told, though, it got old FAST; so I duly topped it with its intended Shatter counterpart.

Now THAT'S what I'm talkin' about!  (Or "caulkin' about," as my nephew would say.)  'Scuse the tipwear and the edge I missed on my ring finger.  This stuff dries superfast, so application can be a bit messy.  It's seriously fun to play with, though.  The crackle finish will dry in different patterns according to how it's applied.  I tried thicker, thinner, vertical, horizontal,'s really cool to watch what happens as it dries.  I'm hoping this crackle trend continues for awhile so I can see how it looks over different colors.  In the coming weeks, I betcha I'll be trying it on before I remove any colors, just to see what happens.  I'll show the more impressive of them.  Should be fun!


  1. Gotta get it!! Does it come in other colors?

  2. Not in OPI, not yet. I think grey is coming with their next collection. China Glaze has black, grey, pink and turquoise, though!


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