Thursday, February 24, 2011

Half-Moon Half-Fail

I'd like to think that an artsy manicure is like a relationship.  Though you may fail at one, perhaps you'll learn something from it that will make the next one ever better.  Too philosophical?  Yes, it really is, but I tell myself that to make myself feel better about today's manicure.

 Baby's First Half-Moon Mani! This nifty little arsticure (yep, just coined that) is achieved through the clever use of hole-punch reinforcements and a pair of scissors.  Well, and nail polish, too.  I think you can figure it out from there - apply color, let dry, apply half of a reinforcement (or the whole thing if you're feeling wasteful), apply other color, let dry, peel, topcoat. 

For some reason, I thought this would work better if I applied the color to every single nook and cranny on and around my nail.  It didn't.  It just made cleanup nigh impossible.  Also, I'm impatient, and didn't let the base color dry quite enough, so when I peeled the reinforcement off, it took color with it on some nails.  My other problem with this would be the difficulty in aligning the reinforcements just so.  It irritated me when the apex of the curve was not perfectly aligned with the center of my nail.  (Remember those OCD-like tendencies?)

Left of center!!!  OH, THE HUGE MANATEE!!!

Anyway.  All in all, this was pretty easy (if time consuming) to do, and I definitely learned a couple of "what-not-to-do"s for the next one.

Colors:  OPI You Don't Know Jacques, Maybelline Express Finish Racing Rubies

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