Friday, February 4, 2011


It's been awhile since I posted.  I've really behaved fairly well lately.  True, I've caught myself picking during meetings and during my commute, but I haven't really done any damage.  I've got to find something to do that keeps me from giving into the urge to pick during those times.  I could probably fiddle with Silly Putty or something under the table at meetings, but what do I do during the drive?  (Besides smoke.  I really need to stop that, too.)

Anyway, I'm going to show you what can happen when I manage to pick deep enough for it to hurt or bleed.  If you're at all squeamish, scroll down quickly.

I promise, I do wash my hands.  I cleaned up the stray polish after my manicure, but I didn't take care of some of the glaring strays, since they tend to wash away on their own.  See how deep the boo-boo is?  It hurts even still, and looks gross!  Why, oh why do I keep up with the picking?

On a more fun note, I've REALLY gotten into the polish collecting.  I've picked up something like six bottles over the last week.  I promise, the purchases will slow down.  But my collection is so small right now (maybe 20 bottles) that there are certain categories and color families that I want to have represented.  Chris, Amy and I are going to the ULTA store in Murfreesboro tomorrow to see what kind of purchasing trouble I can get into.  (After that, Chuy's and "The Mechanic"!  Mmmm...nail polish.  Mmmm....Tex-Mex.  Mmmm...Ben Foster.)

What you see above and below is Zoya Shawn.  I'm a sucker for anything green, and I knew from the bottle that this was a lovely color, but it really brings it on once it's applied!

I've been learning from the nail blogs I've been reading on how to achieve a cleaner looking manicure by swiping a polish remover-soaked brush around the cuticles after the polish is applied.  Great trick!

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