Saturday, February 12, 2011

Experimenting with glitter coats

Here's a quick nail-of-the-day type of post:

Knowing I was going to be doing a Predators manicure today (check back later!), and given that I was unable to sleep last night, I got my butt up outta bed and tested out a couple of different glitter coats over the Ski Teal We Drop that I was still wearing.

 Here's Sally Hansen Diamond Strength in...Diamonds!  Not bad, but a little boring.  The base is sort of a milky clear with very small, dense silver glitter throughout.  Please excuse the cuticle of my thumb.  I'm still cursing the picking I did while I was stuck in the Great (1-inch) Snowstorm of 2011.

Thaaaat's better.  This is Pure Ice in Don't You wish.  The base is much more clear, and the glitter (which consists of vaguely holographic pinks, blues and greens) is much more sparse.  I'm pleased to have this.  Very inexpensive, and it'll be great to have for extending the life of cool-colored manicures.

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  1. I have Sally Hanson's Extreme Ware in "Disco Ball" and it is really good. But alot more glitter than you may want... Maybe I should start one of these nail blogs. I just wish my cuticles looked at good as yours. We really need to exchange some tips!



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