Friday, June 10, 2011

It perplexes me. I'm terribly perplexed.

I know I'm a part of the nail-junkie community now that I've had experience swapping on MakeupAlley.  I've heard so many tales of finding Revlon Perplex at Big Lots, but there is no such luck here in small-town southern America, so I put out the call on MUA.  I lucked out with a lass in search of Zoya Jules.  You may recall that Jules was a big ole MISS on me (in my opinion anyway), so I happily traded with her.  Forthwith, the results:

These pictures came out hella dark, but I'm okay with that.  See, that means it was overcast on one of these days where it's been 90+ degrees.  For over a week.  Ouch. 

Perplex really is a lovely color.  In light such as this, it seems to be a normal purple.  Sometimes even a purple-leaning gray, like Zoya Caitlin.  But subjected to certain light, it's got a lovely subtle shimmer. 

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