Sunday, June 5, 2011

Free Weekend!

Yaaaay!  It's the first weekend I've had in a while where there wasn't much of anything I just HAD to do, and it's been very nice indeed.

I've got a lot of untrieds to work through, so I spent some time just playing around with the colors I had in waiting.  On my hands, I tried out Sally Hansen HD "DVD."

It's, uh...meh.  In the bottle, it looks like an intriguing blue-purple foil duochrome, and indeed it is that on the nail.  BUT, it took four coats to achieve the bottle color, and that's just too many in my book.  Also, as you can see by my pinkie, it doesn't last long.  I just applied this yesterday.

Now, I am loathe to show off my tootsies; not because I think they're hideous, but because I know some people have...issues with looking at feet.  But I have to show you the first color I've tried out from the import grab bag I recently got from Chris at Lacquer Ware for Tips and Toes.  I hate that she's leaving the blogging community, but I'll tell ya, I got some GREAT colors from her blog sale.  Below is an unknown color from a manufacturer called Etude House.  The color label has some writing on it that appears to be Korean or Vietnamese.  I'm not totally sure what the color is or where it came from, but it's lovely!

Hope everyone else has had a lovely weekend.  If you'relucky, it isn't so stinkin' hot where you are!

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