Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Steady As She Rose...with a twist

EVERYBODY is swatching the OPI Pirates collection, and I won't lie...I gave in and purchased Steady As She Rose and Stranger Tides.  However, as you've seen them all before, I'm determined to swatch them in a slightly different way.

So, for this Pink Wednesday, I bring you Steady as She Rose with two coats of Ulta After Party.

I rather like this combo.  Upon close inspection, I see that my glittercoat application was a bit slapdash, but that was an eventful night.  Chicas were doing it for stepmom and I had to get Dad's old '49 Ford running since we had a prospective buyer coming round to look at it the next day.  She got it going, but it died when we pulled back into the drive to get money for gas.  The two of us shoooooooved that bad boy back into the garage, and I'm here to tell weighed a LOT back then.

Note the look of frustration on the driver's face.  Happy Pink Wednesday!


  1. Very pretty combination, and the car is beautiful, too!

  2. I liked how the dark red of the car was the same as in the glitter. :-)


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