Saturday, June 25, 2011


I just love the name of this brand of polishes!  Colorama...COLORAMA!  Wish we had them here.

I'm not sure where these adorable little Maybelline polishes are sold, but I was fortunate enough to pick one up in an import grab bag recently, and once I got around to trying it out, I went a little crazy!

Here's Maybelline Colorama Chili Chocolate with some black stones on the accent finger.  I picked those up in a rhinestone wheel set from the Born Pretty store.  I really did like this.  If I'm honest, I had to re-do the accent finger two or three times because it just wasn't working, and I was bound and determined to be proud of this.  It was the first time I'd tried to apply the stones in a remotely precise manner.  I found that tweezers worked, but it was still a frustrating process.  I took the stones off on the second day because I CANNOT resist the urge to pick them off.

Then I came up with this:

I really really liked this color combo, thus you have it in full sunlight and in shade.  (Please forgive my pointer broke off into the quick recently, and is still a bit wonky.  Takes damage easily.)  The green here is Zoya Shawn, one of my very favorite greens out of the multitude that I own.

I really had fun with my one and only Colorama polish, but it does suffer a bit for its color.  Cleaning it up made me feel like I'd been making mudpies or playing in poo.  (Why I'd ever play in poo is beyond me.)  I might also point out that this mani wore quite well.  I've been VERY industrious over the last few days, and only the right hand developed any chipping or wear.  My left hand looked just like day one by the time I removed it.

I have now moved on to a very fun, very not me mani that I look forward to showing you.  That'll have to wait, though.  Hope you're all having a LOVELY weekend!

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