Monday, June 27, 2011

And he shall be my Squishy.

I odd Sunday.  It rained, so of course the power went out.  For four hours.  *Sigh*  I took the first two hours as permission to take a nap, but when I awoke, I found myself bored and sick of the quiet.  So I set to work taking a shower by candlelight and figuring out how to free my car from its automatic-garage-door prison.  Once that was done, I set off in search of the two things most vital to my existence:  food and nail polish.

I picked up a lovely little surprise at Rite-Aid.  It isn't the Revlon Just Tinted that I was looking for, but it's close. 

This is Watermelon Fizz, one of Revlon's obnoxiously scented polishes.  Its smell is not nearly as overpowering as Not So Blueberry, which I could barely stand to wear, and the color makes it SO worth it.  This squishy, glittery red jelly made my camera go "HUH?", and that ought to tell you something about the kapow factor going on here.  Have I mentioned that I really like it? 

Stay tuned, kids.  This Pink Wednesday I'll bring you another into this charming round of Revlon scented polishes. 

OH!  I almost forgot.  Remember that unlike-me-mani I promised?  Well, you're just going to have to wait.  I decided that it had potential, but wasn't ready for primetime TV yet.  Someday!


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  3. Nail polish doesn't just make your nails pretty, it smells great


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