Sunday, June 12, 2011

Haul, and a full-on Monet

Happy Sunday, all!  I have been a busy little nail junkie lately.  I mentioned my Makeup Alley swapping I'd been doing, but I also got my very first order from Born Pretty Store.  It was like Christmas!

I got a brush set, a rhinestone set, a sticker set, a dotting tool set and a striping tape set.  All this set me back maybe $35, shipping and all.  That's a pretty sweet deal, if you ask me.  The brush set alone is going to prove invaluable.  My cleanup has gotten SOOOO much better now that I've traded the slanted eyeliner brush I was using for a smaller brush.

Today I tried out rhinestones for the first time.  It is, as mentioned above, a full-on Monet.  As Cher from Clueless would tell you, "From far away it's okay, but up close it's a big ol mess!"  Ergo, do me a favor and don't click to enlarge!

The color above is Hard Candy "Sky."  It's one of those colors you just feel obligated as a nail junkie to own.  It IS a pretty color, but I'm going to have to work on application.  It would require about four thin coats for good coverage, but I, of course, am impatient.  I tried instead to do two or three thicker coats, and the formula is just to runny for that.  After I applied Seche Vite and started cleaning up, I had to deal with LOTS of dragging at the cuticles.  This mani really IS just a big ol mess!  Cute, though.  Y'all have a good week!


  1. Heh heh! I love that line.

    Sky is really lovely but it is a brat. I found that the easiest way to deal with her (and with all polishes, in fact ;)) is to do cleanup as I paint each nail. I paint a nail, stop, grab my cleanup brush, refine and move on to the next nail. It seems as if it would really slow me down, but since I got into that habit, my manicures are actually done faster. Doing cleanup on one coat, while freshly applied is sooo much faster, easier and more precise than trying to work down through Seche Vite and multiple coats of polish. :D

  2. Great job with the rhinestones! I almost bought some yesterday b/c of you...


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