Thursday, April 21, 2011

I love my, love my, love my Galaxy Girl!

Yeeeaaaaah, sweet Galaxy Girl!  Also, yadda yadda about Interplanet Janet. 

Okay, now that the pop-culture references from my childhood are out of the way (not that I'm old enough to have been around when Neil Sedaka was on the radio or Schoolhouse Rock first aired), meet Orly Galaxy Girl!

Outdoors, cloudy
Oooh, I love her.  Tipwear showed up really quickly, but other than that, I've got stars in my eyes for this polish.  (Wah wah.)  What you see above is two coats.  I like this polish so much that I came home and threw on another layer of color and another layer of topcoat so I can get another day out of it.  It really looks better with three coats, if you want my advice.


  1. Galaxy Girl is my favorite from the Cosmic FX collection. ;)

  2. It was really the only one I even wanted, and I am NOT disappointed!


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