Thursday, April 28, 2011

You suited up!

Quickie post, and I'll warn you:  this is not about quality, but design.  And I...LOVE...this design!  Zoya Gigi was just begging for some zhoozhing.  (Please tell me other people use this nonsense word.  I made up the spelling, but it means "aesthetic enhancement."  Tell your friends.)  So, I grabbed Ruby Kisses "Steel Magnolias," scotch-taped the bottom half of my nails, and applied the shimmery gunmetal to the tops.  Hmm...not quite there.  I grabbed a toothpick, placed my tongue firmly between my lips, applied my best concentration face and came up with this:

PS, I still can't find my camera.
I love this!  I'm so sad to see tipwear showing up already.  (I just type too dang much to keep long nails.)  It reminds me of a great women's business suit - feminine, but strong at the same time.  The dots even make me think of buttons!  I'm so glad I did this.  I really had to overcome my fear of dotting with household implements, but I'll be doing it so much more now.

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