Sunday, March 13, 2011

Céad míle fáilte! Lots o' pics!

A hundred thousand welcomes to my St. Patrick's Day blog!  I's not March 17 yet.  But I'll be on vacation on the holiday itself, and I wanted to provide some time for you to be inspired as you choose your celebratory manicure.

Without further ado, a whole mess of greens!  

Nfu OH-how-exciting!  I finally got my hands on my very first of this brand.  This is Nfu Oh 55.  It's probably three coats.  More would probably lend better results, but as a rule, if it takes more than two coats, I don't have the patience for it.  I made an exception here.

Essie Sew Psyched.  Lovely color, terrible picture.  There's a reason I didn't do a whole blog out of this mani.  Never got around to taking decent pictures.  This polish is well worth your consideration, though.  As much as I love the wear I get from Essie, Sew Psyched may well end up being my St. Patrick's Day mani.  That way I won't have to worry to much about doing my nails again while I'm gone (if I don't want to).

Zoya Ivanka.  This one is a green-lover's dream come true.  A pure green with a gorgeous, almost-foil finish.  I also learned by accident that this one is great for celebrating Mardi Gras.  I just happened to wear a purple sweater in to work that day, so with the addition of the gold beads pictured above, I was good to go!  Let the good times roll!

Sally Hansen X-Treme Wear Emerald City, with an accent of Wet N Wild Party of Five Glitters.  I'm not so nuts about this one.  I've had Emerald City for ages, and even though it's wonderfully representative of my favorite color, I remember now why I rarely use it.  Application is fine...wear is terrible.  I feel like I had tip-wear five minutes after application.  That could just be me.  I wasn't as crazy about the accent on it as I expected I would be.

A refresher of three greens you've already seen (it rhymes!  Go make a limerick out of it.):  Avon Jade, Zoya Shawn, China Glaze Zombie Zest.

Last but not least, my latest pride and joy, my very first true holo...

Nfu Oh 66, a very pale green holo.  Excuse the questionable quality of some of these pics, but you really do have to see the polish in different settings to appreciate the multi-faceted quality of the holo in it.  It's impressive (if not super-duper green).  The downside to these is that everything you've read about application of Nfu Oh holos is true:  it's ghastly.  Three coats is absolutely necessary to cover up the inevitable bald spots that show up as you apply the polish.  I've truly never seen any other polish behave the same way.  With patience, though, the end result can be gorgeous and unique.

I adore anything and everything Irish, including Éire herself, so St. Patrick's Day holds a really special place in my heart.  Even I, however, am kind of tired of applying a different green polish every day, so I'm really looking forward to sitting back and admiring all of the beautiful green and creative manicures the nail-blogger community puts out there!

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