Sunday, March 6, 2011

For Daddy

We lost Dad back on November 8 to a long battle with cancer.  It was hard in the last few months to watch him lose his ability to do things for himself, let alone do the things he loved to do, like working on cars and old radios.  He never lost his sense of humor, though, and I think he really loved how all the women in his life gathered around him more than they ever had before.  My stepsister Ashley was around a lot, and would sometimes bring Avon catalogs for us to flip through and order from.  Once while she and my stepmom Valerie were sitting at the table with Dad, they had him pick out nail colors for each of us.  For Valerie, a pink.  For Ashley, a fire-engine red (which he always loved on her).  For me, a jade/mint/seafoam green.  He knew I loved off-the-wall colors.  Ashley ended up buying all of them for us.

I tend to call the one he chose for me Cadillac green.  It reminds me of the sorts of colors they used to paint cars in the 50's, and Dad LOVED vintage cars.

Happy birthday, Dad.  We miss you.

Colors:  Avon Jade, Sally Hansen Gentle Blossom


  1. Yea, so your nail polish blog just made me tear up.... I'm touched, and not in the way you're thinking! ;) Love you! Love the color!

  2. You guys are so sweet. :-) Thanks for being some great friends!

  3. Just got your comment on my Sinful Colors Mint Apple post about mint green and vintage cars. I actually read this when you posted it, and had to smile that we both made the same connection. Can't go wrong with nail polish and vintage cars!

    Sorry about your loss, but at least you can look down at your nails and remember the good times. :)


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