Monday, March 21, 2011

Hello, Holo!

I'm baaaaaack!  Just got back from a wonderfully relaxing vacation in Long Beach, California.  I got to visit my best friend, who's also spent some time obsessing over nail polish.  Of course, I had to rifle through her collection.  She's been getting professional manicures for awhile now, though, so I wasn't sure what I would find.  Sha-BLAM!  I was blown away to find a gorgeous holo!  Check out OPI DS Sapphire:

Please excuse the quality of this manicure.  I was on vacation, okay?

I took a sampling of my collection and got my friend hooked on Seche Vite, so we went drugstore-hopping to find a bottle for her.  At CVS, I picked up a Milani "holo."  I put that in quotes because I was skeptical about the true holo factor in Milani's Hi-Tech.  It just didn't look very holographic in the bottle.  But I gotta say, I am pleasantly surprised!

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