Sunday, March 27, 2011

Let me slip into something more comfortable

Zoya Intimates, Part 1

I, like so many others, took Zoya up on its recent offer of purchasing the entire Intimate Collection for $25.  I, like so many others, will blog it!  I'm gonna do this in two parts:  purples and unpurples.

Here's Danii.  She's a pink-based purple with lots of silver shimmer.  With this mani, I experimented with Out the Door topcoat rather than using Seche Vite (since I have HORRIBLE experience with Seche and Zoya).  I'm not sure if it's because of Danii herself or because Out the Door is just not as glassy, but something about the fnish of this did not impress me.  I really want to try it again, though, because I love the color.

Ladies and gentlemen, Marley.  She's a very, very light greyish lavender.  I really loved this one with Nfu Oh 40.  (See previous post.)

Last but not least, Caitlin indoors and outdoors, with Shatter and without.  A lot of people are calling Caitlin Kelly's little sister, as blue-grays, but I gotta call these grurples.  Grurples?  Yeah, there's definitely some purple gray going on here.

I'm currently conducting a wear test on Caitlin.  I want to love Zoya for the range of colors and their customer service, but I have had the crappiest experience with durability.  I'm curious to see how switching topcoats affects the wear, since I know there are chemical reasons why Seche doesn't play well with 3-free formulas.  It's just really disappointing when Zoya touts itself as the longest lasting natural polish, and I can't get it to last a day.  I can tell you this, I will never pay full price (which is now $8) for a Zoya.


  1. It took so much for me to resist getting the collection when the offer came out, because every color is so pretty! I also noticed that the price went up for Zoyas, which i was a little sad about, because there are so many of the colors i want but now it'll be a little pricer :/ but i guess it's reasonable, since Zoya pretty much always has some sort of promotion going on or coming up, so it's not like i'll ever really have to pay full price! haha (:

  2. Hope you took advantage of the recent summer collections BOGO offer, Abby! Wear issues or not, I just won't pass up two Zoyas for a total of $10.

    I'll swatch those soon, too. :-)

  3. Marley is beautiful, how is the Zoya regarding chipping?

  4. That's the problem, Rebecca. It'll chip after a day, and sometimes even peel...a temptation I cannot resist giving into! You know how weak my nails are so maybe it's not the polish's fault, I dunno.

    As a follow-up to the wear test, I already had to take off Caitlin. It started chipping right after I posted.


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