Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Drink your gin and tonic-a! Paint your nails with Tronica!

Two things about the China Glaze Tronica collection bother me:

   1.  If it's a Tron tie-in...dude, it's kinda late.  That movie hit most of the world in December.
   2.  If you're gonna be a holo, BE A HOLO.  These are not holographic polishes, as the press releases would have you believe.  These are more like...polishes with super-dense vaguely holographic microshimmer.

Luckily, they're GORGEOUS polishes with super-dense vaguely holographic microshimmer.  First up, Cyber Space:

I reeeeeeally love this polish!  To the casual observer, it looks like a basic, classy, work-appropriate taupe.  Then, take a closer look and...PAKOW!  This may become my go-to polish when I want to have a nice, finished manicure but with quick application and no tedious cleanup.  Although application was a breeze, I do want to point out that it's not very forgiving to the imperfect nail.  My tips tend to peel badly, and the polish settled right into a section where the top layer had peeled away.  This was even after a coat of Zoya's ridge-filling base coat.

Now onto Hyper Haute:

(This picture is why nail bloggers love sunny days.)  Hyper Haute was equally ZOMG, although it had the same unforgiving texture.  It's seriously beautiful, though.  It really makes me want to go back and fetch the blue Tronica color.

And finally, as a part of my continuing mission to improve the already-awesome with the addition of Black Shatter:

 Yep.  Still works.


  1. Hyper Haute! Awesome! And it looks beautiful under the black shatter.

    B/C of you I almost, almost bought a bottle of black shatter polish.


  2. Very pretty :) I still love that quote, "If you're gonna be a holo, BE A HOLO!"

  3. @Annelise - It's the truth! My collection is not very big, and I've got true holos are a serious lemming of mine!


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